Roast Crockin’ Paleo

4 lb beef chuck roast
1 tbsp light oil (for sautéing or coconut, olive oil
1 cup red wine
4 each garlic cloves
10 sprigs fresh thyme
1 each bay leaf
1 large carrot, peeled and cut into chunks
2 each celery ribs, cut into chunks
1 small onion, cut into chunks
1 small head cauliflower, leaves removed and cut into florets
salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste

Turn on your slow cooker, setting it to low.
Season your beef with a good layer and salt and pepper.
Heat a large sauté pan or skillet over medium high heat. Add your beef to the pan and sear it, until a nice brown crust has formed. Flip it over and sear the other side. Pour your red wine into the still very hot pan, with all the “stuff” stuck to the bottom. This should QUICKLY boil, releasing some of those little flavor morsels into the hot wine. Pour the wine mixture over the top of the beef.Add your garlic, thyme and bay leaves to the slow cooker, making sure it’s pushed into the liquid.Add the rest of the vegetables, except the cauliflower. Season with a bit of salt and pepper. Again, push these into the areas on the side of the roast, as much as possible. You don’t want much of it covering the roast. You want most of the veggies on the sides, surrounding the roast. As this all cooks, the meat and veggies will shrink, releasing their juices, creating an AMAZING flavor, as well as creating its own natural juices, in which to cook! Getting everything as close to the bottom of the pot, as is possible, will help this process along.Cover and cook for 8 hours. After 8 hours, add your cauliflower to the pot and push the florets under the surface of the liquid, as much as possible. Season with a bit of salt and pepper. 20 minutes ready to go.IMG_6247.JPG

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