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lisa and the girels
Lisa Kozich is a radio host and TV host , the creator and owner of Crockin’ Moms, author, and motivational speaker. She is a native of Johnstown,PA and has lived in Pittsburgh, PA since 2006. She is a Mom and Wife and part-time Master’s Degree Level Mental Health Therapist. She attended Penn State University and has her Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. Lisa created a blog all by herself after becoming a mom and the desire to connect with other Moms. Her blog is called crockmoms.com and it grew into an internet sensation. She started a FB fan page 5 years ago and it developed into a huge community in the internet MOM world. Crock Pot Moms now has over 900,000 fans  and is on it’s way to 1 million fans. Her page reaches over 8 million people a week and she is able to connect with so many people in the USA and other countries. She has fans in every state and all around the world. Lisa does many fan and radio appearances and is currently working on some Prime Time TV projects and her book.


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